Radu Angelescu

Sep 04, 2016

Beautifull jumps and falls


Play the puzzle!

The Goal: Given a starting “sentence” (string) reach the goal “sentence” (string) by only applying the rules below.

|** Rule** |** Example** | |:—————-:|:——————————:| |** Mx -> Mxx**:| MIIU -> MIIUIIU | |** xI -> xIU**:| MIIUI -> MIIUIU | |** xIIIy -> xy**: | MUIUIIIU -> MUIUUU | |** xUUy -> xy**: | MUIUUIIIU -> MUIIIIU |
  • x and y represent any character strings and M, U, I represent the actual letters, the arrow may be read as “becomes”.

  • For example the first rule can be read: Any string that ends in M becomes M and two times the reminder.

Try it, I will be waiting here :).

Aug 12, 2016

Artistic machine 42

This is an introductory article about a social artificial intelligence artistmachine42 I am developing in my spare time and it will not contain a lot of math (unfortunately). More in depth articles will follow.

This is it’s most successfull post so far:


· This is not your average Footer